I look forward to the start of spring not just for the warm sunny days and the chance to wear dresses, but for MACROCK! Whats macrock???? The most exciting 2 day festival for independent music. It is a chance to discover amazing music as well as see old friends/make a million new ones. You have many options of what showcase fits your style-  folk/punk/metal/hardcore/rock!

"The Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference (MACRoCk) is the annual celebration of college radio and the independent music community perpetuated by the MACRoCk Committee (a not for profit organization within Harrisonburg), student volunteers at WXJM (the Harrisonburg college radio station) and local residents. MACRoCk aims to create a support network amongst college radio, the independent artists and labels for whom college radio exists, and the community as a whole. "

I saw so many talented bands and really enjoyed seeing some really great friends that flock back for this festival. Usually I try and take pictures of all the bands I see but this time about I focused on one band mostly and a lot of friend photos. They were mostly for me but I figured I would share these images with you that I most enjoyed.

I strongly encourage you to attend Macrock in the future if independent music means anything to you!